Roof Repairs

There are several causes as to why your roofing system might experience problems, including poor installation, low-quality roofing materials, weather-related damages, and countless other factors. Whatever problem your roofing might have, consider it fixed by calling our trusted roofing Guelph contractors! Our roof repairs can take care of a wide variety of roofing issues including:


Lifted valleys can cause fungus build up and moisture leaks, lifting your roof away and causing damages. Our roof repairs will remove damage causing valleys and replace it with durable roofing materials to prevent future damages.

Roof pitch

A poor roof pitch or a low roof slope can easily lead to weather-related damages caused by snow, rainwater, and wind. Our roofers can protect your roofing system by tackling these structural issues.

Missing shingles

Sometimes shingles are lost due to poor installation, severe weather conditions, or simple wear and tear over time. This can cause your roof to start leaking and cause damage to your house. Our roof repairs contractors will thoroughly check your roof for missing shingles and replace them with our top-of-the-line products.

Pipe flashing

Especially during the rainy and snowy seasons, pipe flashing beneath the shingles are prone to corrosion due to its constant exposure to moisture. As this can cause roof leaks, our contractors will thoroughly check your roof for signs of corrosion, and replace your pipe flashing with more weather-resistant materials.

Ice dams

During Ontario's cold months, ice dams often form in the gutter systems and prevent eavestroughs from properly draining moisture. Prolonged water build-up can cause critical damage to your roofing system and must be addressed as soon as possible. Our roofing professionals can solve this issue quickly and easily.

Step flashing

Our roof repairs contractors will check your chimney or skylight step flashing for damages as they are often prone to wind damages. A poor maintenance of the step flashing's sealant can cause the structural integrity of your roof to decline, causing leaks. Our roofers will prevent these damages by inspecting and reapplying the sealant.

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